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CRC- 29.10.2022-Materials, Videos

CRC- 29.10.2022-Materials, Videos

CRC- 29.10.2022 Materials, Videos

Table of Contents ( இந்த பக்கத்தில் உள்ளது )

Video No:1 Roles and Responsibilities of Facilitator – View here

Video No:2. Introduction to BRC Discussion Meeting. – View here

Video No:3. Marking Attendance on Oct 15th. – View here

Video No:4. Stage Setting – View here

Video No:5. Last Month Lesson Review – View here

CRC -Meeting video 6 -10

Video No:6. Exemplar Content for Previous Month – View here

Video No:7. Mediawiki – View here

Video No:8. Next Month Lesson Review – View here

Video No:9. TNSED App flow till Conclusion – View. – View here

Video No:10-a. 123 e Psychometric. (To be played at 03.00 PM onwards on 15th Oct) – View here

Video No:10-b. 123 e Game Result. (Will be available from 03.20 onwards on 15th Oct 2022) – View here

CRC- 29.10.2022-Materials, Videos
CRC- 29.10.2022-Materials, Videos

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