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A Glory has Departed – Jawaharlal Nehru

A Glory has Departed - Jawaharlal Nehru

A Glory has Departed – Jawaharlal Nehru

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Jawaharlal Nehru (1889-1964) was a staunch nationalist and and freedom fighter. He was the first Prime Minister of India and ruled India in the capacity for Seventeen Years. He was an eminent scholar and man of letters. Some of his books Glimpses of World History (1934), An Autobiography (1936) ,and The Discovery Of India (1946) are world famous.
Nehru was the political heir of Mahatma Gandhi.He was grief-stricken when Gandhi was assassinated on 30th January,1948. In the speech entitled “A Glory has departed ” Nehru expresses his anguish on the floor of the constitueInnt Assembly of India on February 2, 1948.


“A Glory has Departed” is Jawaharlal Nehru cry of desperation at our utter failure to pay homage to the greatest Indian ever walked on earth -M.K.Gandhi .Nehru is ashamed of himself as an individual and as the Head of the government for having failed to give adequate protection to the greatest Hindu of the age.

In his dismay ,he is at his loss of words to praise him and points to our inability to scale his greatness:
for Gandhi was not of the common clay like all men. Nehru mourns over the glory that has departed from our land.Gandhi was sun that warmed and brightened our lives and his departed has left men in darkness. Nehru idolizes Gandhi as a divine incarnation who lives in the hearts ‎of millions and will continue to live in the ages to come. He despises over our unworthiness to praise him and his heart is torn with guilt at our failure to emulate his principles .We have bragged about these principles but never bothered to practise them.Nehru brooding heart finds solace in the living fame that still exists deep in our hearts and his heart finds strengh in the hope that this light will illumine this land again.

Nehru sees Gandhi as a God.According to him true homage can be paid to this man at god not by mere mourning and empty words of praises but by pledging ourselves anew to labour, to sacrifice and to dedicate ourselves to the great task he undertook and thus prove as his worthy followers .And even if we remain unworthy we would have atleast done our duty and have the contention of having paid respects to this great soul.

Nehru was tribute to Gandhi with ulmost sincerity elevates this piece to almost a prose elegy on Gandhi.

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